Hindu Organization of Long Island

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HOLI is a community-based group, which is dedicated to providing the community with greater awareness about Hindu religion and culture. The purpose of our organization is to create proper understanding and better appreciation of Hindu religion by the public at large.

  • Mission

The Hindu Organization of Long Island is a community-based group dedicated to providing awareness of Hindu Dharma throughout the Long Island community. The organization seeks to establish communication among various groups representing Hindus with a view to providing an effective voice for the Hindu-American community. We strive to be a resource for information regarding all aspects of the Hindu lifestyle. All our endeavors will be guided by our traditional respect for people of all backgrounds.

  • Team
Board of Directors and Executive Committees
  • Urmila Shivaram
  • Mala Gupta
  • Brinda Kosuri
  • Jaishree Subramani
  • Sudhakar Shetty
  • Amarendar Reddy
  • Krish Shetty
  • Parvathi Vasudaevan
  • Vinitha Shetty
  • Anjali Sajnani
  • Eswar Kosuri
  • Pavana Reddy
  • Kris Subramani
  • Raghu Raghavendran
Advisory Board
  • Meena Mani
  • Rathi Raja