Hindu Organization of Long Island

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The Hindu Organization of Long Island (HOLI) is a community-based group, which is dedicated to providing the community with greater awareness about Hindu religion and culture. The purpose of our organization is to create proper understanding and better appreciation of Hindu religion by the public at large.

To achieve our goal, we seek to facilitate communication with groups that represent Hindus and participate in interfaith meetings and discussions. We strive to be an information resource for the community with respect to Hindu religion and its practices. The resources include but are not limited to, databases in our website, group speaking engagements, lectures and classes on various aspects of Hindu religion. Our website also features a number of information categories to help our visitors to easily locate information about various community resources and events.

We adhere to the principles of respecting all religions, beliefs, races and nationalities. Our goal is to achieve greater consciousness about Hindu religion and its validity in the community and to enable the Hindu community to exist peacefully and harmoniously with the community at large.