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Interfaith Activities

Dr Mala Gupta

An important aspect of the Hindu Organization of Long Island is spreading understanding of our Hindu Dharma to members of different faith communities, parochial and public schools and the community at large. Toward that goal, the members of the organization participate in interfaith dialogue with other mainstream religions. In Long Island there is an interfaith organization run by members of the Christian clergy, followers of Buddhist Sikh and Jain traditions, rabbis from Jewish faith and congregates of Islam. Other minority religious groups are also represented. During a year at least 2 dozen events are held at various church basements, synagogues and other places of worship through out Long Island. This is open to all in the community. Events are also held in local school districts where there is a table display for each religious group and members explain their origin, customs etc in span of a few minutes to groups of middle and high school students. We welcome any practicing Hindu to participate in these events.

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