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Liaison between Hindu Community and Local Agencies

Mr Rajeev Kaul One of the important goals of the Hindu Organization of Long Island is to work in concert with the local governmental and non-governmental agencies, so as to help them understand our community better. With this in mind, we participate in many activities such as meetings, fairs conducted by these groups.
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Learning Seminars on Vedic Traditions

Dr Brinda Kosuri For centuries, Hindu traditions have been passed down from teacher to student. In North America, there are limited opportunities to learn from a traditional teacher of Vedanta. We at The Hindu Organization of Long Island have been arranging teaching seminars on Vedic traditions several times a year. Most of the teachers are…
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Video Project

Mr Krish Shetty Having even a basic knowledge of a patient's customs and cultures enables health care workers to perform their duties more efficiently and in a respectable manner. Hindu patients have unique needs when they are admitted to a health care facility. Most hospital workers lack understanding of those needs. Hindu Organization of Long…
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Speaker’s Forum

Dr Urmila Shivaram In the recent times, there has been an increasing interest among Americans about other religious traditions. Many of you may not be aware that speakers are desperately needed to represent Hindu Dharma in local schools, and other public arena. Our priests do not preach/lecture. In our tradition, we go to our teachers…
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Community Garden and Visible Garden

Ms Vinitha Shetty Many Hindus are vegetarian. The rationale behind a vegetarian diet is to promote a physically, mentally and spiritually healthy lifestyle. The Hindu way of life is based on living in harmony with nature and the environment. Through the Organic farm/Community garden initiative, HOLI aims at building a valuable community resource where young…
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Interfaith Activities

Dr Mala Gupta An important aspect of the Hindu Organization of Long Island is spreading understanding of our Hindu Dharma to members of different faith communities, parochial and public schools and the community at large. Toward that goal, the members of the organization participate in interfaith dialogue with other mainstream religions. In Long Island there…
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